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Years of Experience

Troy brings 12+ years of professional marketing experience in various disciplines being the unicorn that he is. Yet he is always a student of the game to stay on top of the latest technology, trends, platforms, algorithm changes, and best practices within the digital universe.


Twitter Followers

Troy is a Twitter Power User! You will always find him engaging in conversations, keeping his audience informed on best practices and trends, participating in Twitter Chats, dropping knowledge bombs in Twitter threads, and sharing his thoughts daily!


Revenue Generated

Troy formulates strategies, builds systems, and develops solutions that have accelerated growth and maximized revenue, generating over $150 Million for Entrepreneurs, Startups, SMBs, Agencies, Nonprofits, Enterprises and Fortune 100 & 1000 Brands.

You Found Troy

Troy enables and empowers small businesses to enterprise businesses generating revenue, building brand authority, and growing communities through the power of social media marketing!

About Troy Sandidge

  • Troy Sandidge is an award-winning Global B2B Marketing Strategist generating over $150 Million for Entrepreneurs, Startups, SMBs, Agencies, Enterprises, and Fortune 100 & 1000 Brands.

    • Serving as a de facto CMO, CSO, & COO for Clients
    • Former Vice President of a Creative Agency
    • Former CMO of a National Brand Agency
    • Former Global Marketing Director
    • Former Social Media Executive
    • 12+ Years in the B2B Space
    • Author of Strategize Up
    • International Speaker
    • Consultant & Coach
    • HubSpot Podcaster
    • Angel Investor

    WHAT I DO: I formulate strategies, build systems, and develop solutions to help businesses generate sustainable and scalable growth!

    STRATEGY EXPERTISE: Expert-level fluency across many languages of strategic planning: brand strategy, creative strategy, social strategy, growth marketing, content strategy, digital strategy, & multicultural communications applying sociology, anthropology, ethnography, and psychology within strategic advisory.

    INDUSTRIES: B2B. B2C. SMBs. Startups. Agency. Technology. SaaS. Healthcare. Manufacturing. Education. Entertainment. Government. Communications. Nonprofits.

    WHO I HELP: Aggressive growth-minded businesses who need the power of strategy and marketing to amplify awareness, build community, attract new customers or clients, and accelerate revenue streams.


    • Maximize Profitability Through Strategic Advisory
    • Build Systems to Accelerate Productivity
    • Formulate Strategies to Improve Performance
    • Eliminate Complexity from Business Systems
    • Generate Solutions to Increase Sales Acquisition
    • Develop Business Processes & Teams for Scalability
    • Activate Organic Social Media Initiatives

    MY IMPACT: With the brain of an electrical engineer, the heart of a marketer, and the spirit of an entrepreneur, I provide SaaS (Strategy As A Service) solutions for brands to ignite business momentum, generate rapid progress mechanisms to accelerate market distribution, eliminate complex obstacles through innovation, and create simplistic pathways to achieve desired business goals.

    MY PODCAST: I provide actionable takeaways to level up businesses in under 30 minutes on my podcast, iDigress, which is in the Top 1% of U.S. Marketing & Business podcasts and in the Top 0.5% among 2.7 Million+ podcasts globally. My podcast is part of the exclusive HubSpot Podcast Network.


    Energetic. Positive. Resilient. ENFP. Thinker. Christian. Former Stage Actor, Soccer Player, and Saxophonist. Sports Fanatic. Community Builder. Marvel Enthusiast. Spoken at over 412 events worldwide. Loves hoodies. 2 Wing 3. Spontaneous. Adventurous. Creative & Analytical. Twitter Afficando.

  • In the field of marketing and specifically social media marketing, one of the leading authorities who have emerged over the years is Troy Sandidge.

    Troy is a global marketing strategist, keynote speaker, interviewer, angel investor, avid Twitter, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse aficionado who has made a name for himself as a provider of crucial inputs for growing SMBs to Startups as well as multi-billion dollar enterprises.

    As a former Vice President of a Chicagoland creative agency and former CMO of a national brand agency, he has served as a strategist for various clients worldwide helping them reach on average quadruple the return on investment via marketing strategy. Troy has worked with entrepreneurs, small businesses, nonprofits, national brands, influencers, international organizations, and more.

    As a master of converting complexity into simplicity and having an endless supply of creative ideas and energy that would put even the Energizer Bunny to shame, Troy approaches every client, project, and partnership aspiration as if it was his own. Brands and businesses choose to invest in or partner with Troy for his ability to craft specialized divergent solutions to complicated marketing dilemmas.

    Troy’s competence lies in several fields, one of which is in delivering highly successful media marketing strategies and solutions. He also has a reputation for being proficient at establishing brand identity and expanding brand reach and profitability through digital marketing strategies that bank on the impact of storytelling.


    As a marketing disruptor, a digital visionary, a social media jedi, an unwavering optimist, a creative outlier, an innovative problem solver, and a relentless go-getter that brings more intensity to everything I do than the Energizer Bunny, I always give maximum effort that produces monumental results!


    This marketing mogul has the numbers that back his reputation in the industry. Using his triple threat of C.L.O.V.E.R. Business Framework™ + D.A.R.T. Marketing Methodology™ + L.E.A.D.S. Generator Blueprint™, Troy’s cumulative marketing efforts have resulted in over $150 million in revenue for the companies he has worked with, and the numbers are expected to rise with every financial victory he assists in achieving.

    This millennial takes pride in his various roles as a marketing disruptor and elite social media strategist as well as in his ability to build brands by banking on the power of organic marketing, authentic storytelling, and building communities.

    He believes that his expertise as a consultant is not sought after for him to offer generic and uniform methodologies to clients merely. Brands and businesses expect him to work together with them in crafting specialized solutions to marketing dilemmas. And for Troy, the ease with which he can give his clients what they need rests upon his attitude of adopting his client’s aspirations as his own. He prefers to deliver client-centric and personalized services that are guaranteed to address the unique needs of every SMB and brand.

    Troy inarguably possesses an impressive track record. Not only does he have over ten years of experience in establishing online communities and brand identities, but he has also been a staple figure in public speaking, corporate training, and workshops on social media, digital marketing, community building, global branding, storytelling, and relationship marketing.

    Troy is a leading source of successful media marketing solutions according to The New York Weekly.

  • Imagination is the Engine.
    Content is the Fuel.
    Social Media is the Roadmap.
    Marketing is the Roadmap.
    Sales is the Destination.
    Culture is the GPS.

  • I help all of my clients do three things:

    • Activate their mindset (C.L.O.V.E.R. Business Framework™)
    • Accelerate their marketing (D.A.R.T. Marketing Methodology™)
    • Acquire more money (L.E.A.D.S. Generator Blueprint™)

    All to achieve more growth through strategy.

    • My C.L.O.V.E.R. Business Framework™ maximizes business productivity and systems for sustainability and scalability.

    • My D.A.R.T. Marketing Methodology™ enables growth marketing to perform efficiently and effectively to hit KPIs.

    • My L.E.A.D.S. Generator Blueprint™ optimizes sales funnels and selling processes while improving brand positioning and messaging to reach desired acquisition numbers.

    To learn more about all three of these and how they all individually and collectively help my clients get massive results. Video versionAudible version

  • Listen to award-winning global marketing strategist Troy Sandidge provide you with actionable takeaways to level your business in under 30 minutes.

    Get strategy gems you can implement right away to amplify your Marketing, Business, Branding, Social Media, RevOps, Community, Sales, Mindset, Productivity, and more.

    Learn how to eliminate complexity and confusion from your business with Troy as he helps you formulate strategies, build systems, and develop solutions to simplify your pathway to generate sustainable and scalable business growth!


    iDigress is in the Top 1% of Solo-Hosted, U.S. Marketing & Business podcasts and part of the HubSpot Podcast Network.

    • All-time Downloads: 135K+
    • Monthly Average Downloads: 20K+
    • Peak Position Under USA Marketing: #17
    • Global Podcast Ranking: iDigress is in the Top 0.5% of most popular shows among 2,718,186 podcasts globally

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    Troy provides a culturally diverse and refreshing approach to the list of marketing and business-themed podcasts out there with his high-energy and unique perspective infusing each episode with all his infectious passion and dynamic well-rounded philosophy sharing simple solutions to grow your business and motivate you to achieve more!

    iDigress is available on all podcast directories.

  • Troy is the Founder, CEO, & Chief Strategy Officer at Strategy Hackers and this is our manifesto.

    Always be at the intersection where passion, purpose, and vision meet so unlimited power can be harnessed to create invincible strategies! Coupled with psychology, sociology, anthropology, ethnography, and economics using social media marketing, branding, and community, we can develop dynamic relationship marketing tactics to generate sustainable outcomes of success for businesses.

    We don’t shy away from impossibility, we welcome it.

    We are outliers. We don’t follow the path the universe sets before us. We create our own social universe where we make the rules. We achieve greatness with our will and our wit. We dare to explore all of the possibilities when all the signs say impossibility is the only outcome.

    We always possess a growth mindset.

    There are three modalities to master to successfully grow a business: mindset, marketing, and money.

    Possessing the wrong mindset, coupled with the lack of effective marketing, while generating little to no money for adequate cashflow, stops business growth, if not be the death of it altogether.

    We help our clients do three things:

    • Activate their mindset
    • Accelerate their marketing
    • Acquire more money

    All to achieve more growth through strategy.

    We eliminate the complexity from the business equation to create clarity to build customizable strategic solutions that generate scalable and sustainable growth for your business.

  • I’ve spoken at over 412 events compiled of in-person, virtual, workshops, private events, and more.

    From marketing to motivation, strategy to support, teamwork to tactics, business to boldness, determination to diversity, and various ranges and expansions in between and beyond.

    Interested in hiring me / booking me to speak as a keynote, motivation, or featured speaker for your event, click here.

    Speaking & Presentation Style

    As a dynamic and powerful speaker, I utilize my experiences to help address various topics and work with diverse teams. My presentation style is a combination of motivational, dynamic, informative, engaging, and extremely energetic to really connect with any audience group.

    My deliverables every time I speak are to provide digestible, tweet-worthy, actionable takeaways, keeping the audience engaged throughout, throwing some curveballs to provide dynamic interaction, and taking them on a journey to leave them with something to reflect on.

    I have spoken to various audiences including Local, National & International events, Small Businesses, Nonprofits, Enterprises, the Chamber of Commerce across the country, Entrepreneurs, Grade Schools, High Schools, Colleges, & Social Good Events.

    Notable Speaking Venues & Opportunities

    • Afros & Audio (2021)
    • INBOUND (2021) Ft Oprah Winfrey & Spike Lee
    • StreamYard’s Level Up Summit (2021) Ft Gary Vaynerchuk
    • Entreprehero Summit (2021)
    • Social Media Week Lima (2021)
    • LinkJoy Social Media Summit India (2021)
    • Executive Women International (2020)
    • California Department of Conservation (2020)
    • Associated Colleges of Illinois (2020)
    • Social Media Week Lima (2019)
    • Internet Summit (2019)
    • Canada International Conference on Education, CICE (2019)
    • Rainmaker Digital Summit (2019)
    • United States-Korea Conference (2019)
    • Northwestern University (2019)
    • Federal Bureau of Prisons (2019)
    • Social Media Week Conference (2018)

    • AT&T
    • Amazon
    • Pfizer
    • NAACP
    • NMQF
    • NDTC
    • FedEx
    • State Farm
    • Salvation Army
    • United Airlines
    • Corning
    • United Way
    • Walmart
    • DS Smith
    • Agorapulse
    • Vult Lab
    • BlueKube
    • IHPS
    • AbilityLab
    • Regional Development Authority (RDA)
    • NIPSCO
    • Social Media Development Group (SMDG)
    • Americorps
    • Anderson Stratton Enterprises
    • Indiana Utility Regulatory
    • City of Gary, IN
    • A.A.B.E.
    • Pay Away The Layaway
    • Rep. Pete Visclosky  (IN)
    • Senator Greg Taylor (IN)
    • Lakeshore Media
    • Saint Anthony Hospital
    • Sen. Eddie Melton (IN)
    • National Democratic Training Committee
    • Illinois Back Insititute
    • Indiana University
    • Abbot Laboratories
    • CVS
    • State of Indiana
    • State of Illinois
    • Laerdal
    • Phillips-Medisize
    • Mobisol
    • Medtronics
    • United Nations
    • ABC
    • CBS
    • State of Wisconsin
    • Valparaiso University
    • Uber Health
    • Alliant Energy
    • Hill-Rom
    • Primerica
    • IVY Tech
    • Xylem
    • Walgreens
    • Sprout Social
    • Oracle
    • CDK Global

Imagination is the Engine.

Content is the Fuel.

Social Media is the Highway.

Marketing is the Roadmap.

Sales is the Destination.

Culture is the GPS.

Why Add Troy As A Strategic Partner On Your Team?

Troy is a digital visionary empowering small to enterprise businesses to generate sustainable recurring engagement and revenue using the power of social media!


Troy has a reputation for being proficient at establishing brand identity, expanding brand reach, and profitability through social media, video, and digital marketing strategies that emphasize storytelling. His initiatives have resulted in millions of revenue generated.


Troy has a specialty for establishing communities what he refers to as B.A.E. (Buyers, Advocates, & Elevators) utilizing simple and sustainable modern marketing systems that convert social media storytelling into leadgen and revenue-generating machines!


Storyteller and Engagement Extraordinaire, Troy speaks with the intent to connect with everyone, with a refreshing and unique approach that’s simple, relatable, and down to earth. Topics include Marketing, Social Media, Business, Culture, Storytelling, and more!

Troy creates simple, effective marketing strategies and systems tailor-made specifically for your business, industry, niche audience, and ability to increase brand awareness and generate organic leads for you!

If you’re struggling to get the results and ROI you desire through marketing, Troy wants to help you by creating an action plan to get to the core of your pain points to chart out a dynamic marketing blueprint to overcome your obstacles and challenges to achieve all of your goals!

Time To Elevate Your
Marketing Strategy!

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