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Troy enables and empowers small businesses to enterprize businesses generate revenue, build brand authority, and grow communities through the power of social media marketing!

Official Bio For Media Use

In the field of marketing and specifically social media marketing, one of the leading authorities who have emerged over the years is Troy Sandidge.

Troy is a marketing strategist, keynote speaker, interviewer, investor, and Twitter aficionado who has made a name for himself as a provider of crucial inputs for growing SMBs and multi-billion dollar enterprises.

As a former Vice President of a brand agency, he has served as a strategist for various clients worldwide, helping them reach on average quadruple the return on investment via marketing. Troy has worked with entrepreneurs, small businesses, nonprofits, national brands, influencers, international organizations, and more.

Troy’s competence lies in several fields, one of which is in delivering highly successful media marketing strategies and solutions. He also has a reputation for being proficient at establishing brand identity and expanding brand reach and profitability through digital marketing strategies that bank on the impact of storytelling.


As a marketing disruptor, a digital visionary, a social media jedi, an unwavering optimist, a creative outlier, an innovative problem solver, and a relentless go-getter that brings more intensity to everything I do than the Energizer Bunny, I always give maximum effort that produces monumental results!


This marketing mogul has the numbers that back his reputation in the industry. Using his D.A.R.T. Marketing Methodology™, Troy’s cumulative marketing efforts have resulted in over $135 million in revenue for the companies he has worked with, and the numbers are expected to rise with every financial victory he assists in achieving.

This millennial takes pride in his roles as a marketing disruptor and elite social media strategist as well as in his ability to build brands by banking on the power of organic marketing, authentic storytelling, and building communities.

He believes that his expertise as a consultant is not sought after for him to offer generic and uniform methodologies to clients merely. Brands and businesses expect him to work together with them in crafting specialized solutions to marketing dilemmas. And for Troy, the ease with which he can give his clients what they need rests upon his attitude of adopting his client’s aspirations as his own. He prefers to deliver client-centric and personalized services that are guaranteed to address the unique needs of every SMB and brand.

Troy inarguably possesses an impressive track record. Not only does he have over ten years of experience in establishing online communities and brand identities, but he has also been a staple figure in public speaking, corporate training, and workshops on social media, digital marketing, community building, global branding, storytelling, and relationship marketing.

Troy is a leading source of successful media marketing solutions according to The New York Weekly.

Troy Unplugged

As an electrical engineer turned digital marketer, I consider myself blessed to be both left and right brained! Originally from Northwest Indiana being rooted in strong family values, I currently reside on the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. I graduated from Valparaiso University with a degree in Digital Marketing & Communications with Electrical Engineering and have pursued various other certifications and diplomas in Social Media Marketing, Business Development & Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing Analytics & Strategies, and so on.

I am a Twitter aficionado, livestream producer, podcaster, show host, interviewer, emcee, moderator, motivational speaker, contributing writer, non-stop thinker who is always full of ideas, former actor (play), poet, video editor, novice beatboxer, loves documentaries, and I have a natural ability for finding amazing movies and cooking (or so I have been told by my wife).

Marketing Philosphy

“Imagination is the Engine. Content is the Fuel. Social Media is the Highway. Marketing is the Roadmap. Sales is the Destination. Culture is the GPS.” – Troy Sandidge

Troy’s Specialities

• Social Media Marketing
• Storytelling
• Digital Marketing
• Video Marketing
• Content Marketing
• Global Branding

• B2B & B2C Marketing
• Inbound Marketing
• Relationship Marketing
• Community Development
• Crisis Communication
• Business Development & Strategy

Troy’s Speaking Topics

• Power of Social Media
• Authentic Storytelling
• Future of Digital Communities
• A. D. A. P. T.
• Art of Not Being Defeated
• Forging Resilience Through Resistance

• Understand Culture Universe = Success
• No More Rearview Driving
• Future of Education
• The Secret is Be More like Spongebob
• Motivations Themes + Faith Themes
• Until It Happens, Dying is Just a Word

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