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iDigress Is Among The Top 1% Of Marketing Business Podcasts Globally

The What: Business + Marketing + Growth, Simplified! {Where Blackish Meets Marketing Business Podcasts}

The Problem: Most marketing and business podcasts are overly complicated, not relatable to most marginalized communities, and aren’t featuring diverse {black} voices.

The Solution: Creating a culturally diverse podcast within the marketing and business podcast space told through the mind of a black voice. People need to listen to a podcast that makes marketing, business, and growth simple, speaking in a way that’s familiar to, in a safe headspace designed specifically for, and represents and celebrates BIPOC that is carefully crafted to educate and motivate listeners to achieve sustainable and scalable success in their business.

The Impact: iDigress is in the Top 1% of U.S. Marketing & Business Podcast Category, globally ranks within the Top 0.5% of podcasts worldwide among 2.7 million+ podcasts, and is part of the HubSpot Podcast Network averaging 20,000+ downloads a month, over 500 five star ratings, and surpassing 200,000 total downloads since its origins in September of 2020.

  • Listen to award-winning growth marketing strategist Troy Sandidge, aka the Strategy Hacker®, as he simplifies marketing, business, sales, branding, and beyond to help you increase your growth, authority, and profitability within your business to achieve sustainable and scalable success in under 30 minutes!

    Learn how to eliminate complexity and confusion from your business with Troy as he helps you formulate strategies, build systems, and develop solutions to simplify your pathway to generate business growth!

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  • The iDigress Podcast is a unique audio experience from the mind of elite marketing strategist Troy Sandidge who helps entrepreneurs, startups, small-medium businesses, and Fortune 500 brands scale their revenue, brand authority, and communities through simple business strategies, savvy digital systems, and successful marketing solutions.

    On this podcast, Troy breaks down Digital, Marketing, Growth, Strategies, Business, Frameworks, Social Media, Technology, Culture, and more providing insights, solutions, mindset shifts, and takeaways you can use right now to accelerate your business!

    Troy brings a refreshing and culturally diverse approach with his high-energy and unique perspective with all episodes under 30-minutes to ensure his audience is receiving the most value with each passing minute!

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  • The creator, host, and executive producer of the Top 1% Marketing Podcast iDigress is Troy Sandidge, an award-winning marketing strategist known as the Strategy Hacker® who has spent over 12 years building sustainable strategies and scalable systems generating millions in revenue growing Startups & SMBs to B2Bs & Fortune 500.

    With the mind of an electrical engineer, the heart of a marketer, and the spirit of an entrepreneur, he provides SaaS (Strategy As A Service) solutions for brands to ignite awareness and accelerate market growth. He helps B2Bs achieve eight-plus figure growth via his trademarked strategy solutions and marketing tactics which have generated over $150 million in revenue worldwide.

    Along with being the host of iDigress Podcast, Troy Sandidge is the Author of Strategize Up, Founder & CEO of Strategy Hackers, a 3x agency builder, 2x CMO, and former Vice President of a creative agency who lives on Twitter, LinkedIn, and social audio.

    Troy is also an internationally recognized speaker having spoken across the continental United States, Canada, Australia, China, & India. He has spoken at events featuring Oprah Winfrey, Spike Lee, Cynt Marshall, Gary Vaynerchuk, Will Ferrell, Dharmesh Shah, Sarah Paiji Yoo, Hasan Minhaj, Tristan Wilds, among others.

    He is fluent across many languages of strategy: marketing strategy, business strategy, growth strategy, brand strategy, creative strategy, social media strategy, content strategy, digital strategy, and sales strategy incorporating multicultural communications, sociology, anthropology, ethnography, and psychology. All of which he brings to iDigress!

    Recognized as a Top 100 Marketing Influencer and LA Wire’s 30 Under 30 while being named a leading provider of marketing solutions by the New York Weekly, Troy Sandidge is featured in Business Insider, Atlanta Wire, Black News, Yahoo News, HuffPost, among others.

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