A Culturally Diverse Marketing Audio Experience Is Here

iDigress Is Among The Top 0.5% Of Podcasts Globally

The What: Business + Marketing + Growth, Simplified! {Where Blackish Meets Marketing Business Podcasts}

The Problem: Most marketing and business podcasts are overly complicated, not relatable to most marginalized communities, and aren’t featuring diverse {black} voices.

The Solution: Creating a culturally diverse podcast within the marketing and business podcast space told through the mind of a black voice. People need to listen to a podcast that makes marketing, business, and growth simple, speaking in a way that’s familiar to, in a safe headspace designed specifically for, and represents and celebrates BIPOC that is carefully crafted to educate and motivate listeners to achieve sustainable and scalable success in their business.

The Impact: iDigress is in the Top 1% of U.S. Marketing & Business Podcast Category, globally ranks among the Top 0.5% of podcasts worldwide among 2.7 million+ podcasts, and is part of the HubSpot Podcast Network. The Webby nominated podcast coming in 2nd place out of 14,000 entries in the creative marketing podcast category, averages 20,000+ downloads a month, over 500 five-star ratings, and surpassed 250,000 total downloads since its origins in September of 2020.

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