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The iDigress Podcast is a unique audio experience from the mind of elite marketing strategist Troy Sandidge who helps entrepreneurs, startups, small-medium businesses, and even established national brands maximize revenue, elevate brand authority, and establish strong communities through modern strategies, effective systems, and digital marketing execution.

On this podcast, Troy breaks down Digital Marketing, Growth Strategies, Business Frameworks, Social Media, Technology, Culture, and more providing insights, solutions, mindset shifts, and takeaways you can use right now to accelerate your business!

Troy brings a refreshing and culturally diverse approach with his high-energy and unique perspective with all episodes under 30-minutes to ensure his audience is receiving the most value with each passing minute!

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 Marketing + Business + Social Media + Strategy + Technology + Culture

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  • Troy recognized there was a need for a podcast in his field of digital marketing and social media that articulated, captured, and connected culture within the industry from a BIPOC perspective. Not only that, Troy wanted to provide an audio experience that was different from the norm. He wanted listeners to get a jolt of energy, a few knowledge bombs, some stats, some homework, some suggestions, some encouragement, and an interesting take on things in a way listeners could easily absorb.

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Listen and subscribe to iDigress on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, CastBox, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, among others!

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